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Our Team

One Stop Wellness
Romy Antoine
Founder & CEO
I'm co-founder and CEO of One Stop Wellness, an HR Tech company that scales employee engagement while reducing turnover and health costs through gamification and real-time analytics. I'm a millennial engagement expert and author who's actually a millennial! My background is in Biology and Exercise Science, and I've successfully coached clients all over the world to achieving their fitness goals. I've been featured as a leading fitness expert in Men's Health, Black Enterprise, and many others. My experience helps me bring a new perspective to workplace wellness.
One Stop Wellness
Rob Hanna
Co-Founder COO
I’m Co-Founder and COO of One Stop Wellness with 30+ years experience as an avid practitioner and founder of my own wellness business. Prior to joining the team, I also served as a Chief Wellness Officer for a family medical practice and was a project outcomes architect for the largest municipal public/private homeless services delivery system where I led product delivery of hundreds of community public health projects across 16 states, winning 3 Governor’s awards! I’m an innovation expert with a passionate priority to help individuals improve in every wellness dimension and create thriving wellness communities across our world.
One Stop Wellness
Jamie Smith
Co-Founder CMO
I'm co-founder and CMO of One Stop Wellness with decades of experience with several Digital Marketing Agencies and software companies. I'm also a thought leader who writes and speaks at conferences to thousands around the world on new and innovative ways to drive digital marketing. I have a long track record of increasing sales, improving marketing results and multiple founder exits.
One Stop Wellness
Joshua DeFord
I'm the CTO of One Stop Wellness and I'm using my biochemistry background and over 20 years of building software systems to construct wellness experiences that will have a significant impact toward the betterment of the health and personal satisfaction of thousands of lives.
One Stop Wellness
Steve Pipenger
General Counsel
With nearly 15 years of legal experience and 10 years of business experience, I bring over 25 years of experience to One Stop Wellness. This business/legal combination allows me to offer legal insights with a business-centered perspective.