3 Ways to Screw-Up Corporate Wellness

Everyone has some sort of a corporate wellness plan. In fact, the term wellness is thrown around so much that it’s that nobody really understands what it is anymore. The management team is full of ideas, employees may have ideas, and even LinkedIn has ideas.  So with all these “ideas” floating around, how can anyone know what’s best? Finding a good plan can be as overwhelming and confusing as Googling “How to Lose Weight”? Eventually, you just give up and because you don’t know where to begin.

If this sounds like you, consider this: while improving the health of your company sounds amazing, there isn’t just one universal solution that’ll work for every organization. Implementing a one-size-fits-all program may lead you to failure. So here’s my list of the 3 Corporate Wellness Mistakes to Avoid.

3 Corporate Wellness Mistakes

 The Intranet Fishing Pole

If you ran a survey of how many of your friends and co-workers participated in a corporate wellness program, you probably learn that the majority of them didn’t even know it existed!

Most companies are using their intranet to spread the word about the wellness plan. They send out newsletters & messages, hoping that they get read.  What seems like a good way to communicate across the entire organization ends up being a death trap for wellness programs. The reason why most programs have such low engagement rates is because they are not being communicated effectively. If you’re going to be investing big money into a great program, make sure everyone knows about it and how to get started!

Stick to the Average Perks

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when someone says corporate wellness is gym memberships and health screenings! This is misleading because wellness involves so much more! Don’t invest in a program that only offers you gym discounts, look for something that includes a wide-range of services such as financial fitness, professional development & team building, and even on-site fitness and nutrition classes. Think about your company culture and look for programs and services that will intrigue and motivate your workers to participate.

Let them Figure it Out

Starting something new, especially practicing wellness can be scary! A major mistake is that most companies leave their employees in the dark and force them to figure everything out on their own. This leads to low participation and engagement rates and eventually causes the program to fail. Your employees need as much motivation and support as possible. It’s important to have a team of experts and peers who can connect with them in a way that makes them believe they have the ability to learn new things and make meaningful, lasting changes.

You want to create an atmosphere which allows people to comfortably be engaged, educated, and energized!